The Original Six Shooter Pipe

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The ORIGINAL, World Famous and Patented Six Shooter Pipe.

In 1999, the movie business slowed down and Jake Lee the CEO and designer of HTP presses and pipes decided to market the Original Six Shooter Pipe which was an invention that he created in the machine shop at Jim Henson’s creature shop. It was a tobacco pipe with six chambers that spins around like a gun revolver so that it eliminates the need to constantly refill your pipe. He received a U.S. Patent on the invention and built a business around it.  With no experience in marketing or small business, he sold 10,000 units and won awards overseas.  You can visit the pipe at the Musee du Fumeur in Paris, France.

Made in the USA! Machined from high-quality aircraft aluminum, naval brass, and stainless steel, the Six Shooter Pipe is hands down, the best pipe you could own. Load 1-6 bowls at a time! The Six Shooter Pipe comes with a velvet pouch and tool for dis-assembly. The unit features one recessed screen port that serves all six bowls. The Six Shooter Pipe is incredibly easy to clean and does not get hot when smoking. A must-have pipe for any collection.

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