Jack Puck vs. High Tech Presses

The Clear Winner is HTP!

Your product is far too important to risk unstable temperatures, sub-par materials, and the limited range of options that Jack Puck presses offer. That’s why High Tech Presses are built to last and are available in an impressive variety of sizes, capacities, shapes, and power. With presses built from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, your heating process has never looked better.
When it comes to a true high-quality press (sometimes called a hash or pollen press), the winner is clear: HIGH TECH PRESSES. Manufactured and built in the USA, HTP Presses are designed to be heated to the ideal temperature and stay there. This is one of the most critical aspects of the pressing process.
HTP presses aren’t designed to be replaced in a year or two – they are built to stand the test of time and are meant to become a permanent piece of equipment in your arsenal of high-quality machinery.


What makes the High Tech Presses line so superior? For starters, HTP uses aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. Using this material allows users to maintain a consistent temperature with little adjusting required. The ideal level of heat is easy to keep – unlike other presses, including the Jack Puck Press, that only use powder coated steel which is not ideal for maintaining heat evenly.
Using a steel press like Jack Puck is tricky because it heats up and cools off too rapidly. It’s frustrating when you have to constantly try to adjust settings just to keep a steady heat. Maintaining even temperature and pressure is exactly what you need for your material that is being pressed!


Let’s talk about pressure. High Tech Presses has a much wider selection of pressing power than Jack Puck. HTP has models ranging from the beastly Big Bastard Press to the best-selling Brick Press to the Mega T-Handle manual press. With Jack Puck press models you’re stuck with either 2 tons or 8 tons. HTP puts the power in in your hands with presses that deliver 2 tons, 4 tons, 8 tons, or 10 tons.


The way your end product looks is critical. High Tech Presses has eight different presses with varying capacities and shape options, so you can choose anywhere from a 3” x 3” x 3” capacity all the way up to a 7” x 9” x 3” capacity! With HTP, you can choose square, rectangular, cylinder, or cube options. Jack Puck gives you the choice of round or square – that’s it. HTP gives you the power to choose what will be best for you.
Browse the High Tech Presses collection and choose the press that is going to suit your needs for the long haul. Questions? Contact us!