The Airforce


$2,400.00 MSRP

Instructional Video on YouTube!

The Airforce is our most advanced press ever!

With our 12-ton air-assisted hydraulic jack and ultra-quiet air compressor, you'll be pressing your own material faster & easier than ever before.

Available in two sizes: 6" x 8" or 7" x 9"

  • Designed with an additional inch of depth capacity to increase and maximize your production.
  • Every aspect of the Airforce is engineered and reinforced to accommodate the additional 4,000 pounds of pressure from our new 12-ton jack.
  • Reinforced top plate, base plant, and threads.
  • Includes an ultra-quiet air compressor and coiled air hose so you can be up and running immediately.
  • Made in the USA using American materials. Hand-built, precision-machined, and individually tested.

Built to last and ready to use!

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