The Original Brick Press


$429.00 MSRP

  • CAPACITY: 3” x 5” x 2”
  • PRESSURE: 4 Ton
  • SHAPE: Rectangular


If you are looking for a quality prepper and pollen press, then the Brick Press is just what you need! This high-quality portable press is built from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel in the USA using American labor and materials. The press is designed to be heated to an ideal temperature using a unique heating process for a perfect pressing experience.

Our hydraulic pollen press is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use to become a long-term piece of equipment you can rely on again and again. Other presses on the market either lose heat quickly or build up heat too fast; this destroys the material instead of pressing it. Our presses aid in the important step of using solidly pressed blocks, which require less heat to extract the product, in order to create a more flavorful, potent end result, thanks to turpentines not overheating.

Go Beyond the Perfect Plant Extract

The Brick Press is easy to clean, and it can be used repeatedly for long periods of time. The outside does not get hot, and it does not contain any harmful or dangerous materials or objects. In addition to creating perfect plant extracts, there are hundreds of additional uses across tons of industries, from jewelers and leather manufacturers to auto part shops and health food stores.

Our Brick Press is specifically designed with aircraft aluminum that is meant to be heated! The heat is retained more effectively and efficiently than with steel presses. This allows our press to be constructed from a single solid piece of material, which means there are no gaps and no seams. Don't settle for some cheap brick or briquette maker - go with the best press you can get!

The #1 Brick Press Made in the USA

Our press is machined aluminum instead of welded steel which, together with the materials used in its construction, separate the Brick Press from other inferior ones out there on the market. Create the ideal plant extracts with this press, which is the NUMBER ONE best-selling 4-ton pollen press in the world!

The Brick Press operates with a 4-ton hydraulic cylinder and creates bricks 3″x 5″ up to 2″ thick, thanks to the 8,000 pounds of force it puts out!

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